Saturday, December 25, 2010

Crazy Dog TIps?

Many pet owners blindly follow their vets orders and pay premium prices for the care of their animals. But the real truth your vet does not want you to know is much of the care your animal gets is simply a business technique by the vets to make money.

I know it sounds scandalous or unethical but it’s true. Unethical business practices don’t end with the banks and big corporate companies.

Your local pet store and veterinarian are also capable of treating your animal to maximize the profit they realize after treatment.

If you own a pet, you know that you have to get them vaccinated, right? Of course, as young puppies and kittens, vaccination is essential. But think for a moment the last time your pet was vaccinated. How old was your pet?

Do you vaccinate your pet every year? Probably, because that’s what your vet tells you to do. But the truth is in recent studies, pets that get vaccinated every year have a higher risk of cancer and other deadly illnesses than pets that are vaccinated much less frequently. Isn't that little tidbit a bombshell?

But your vet will ALSO NEVER TELL YOU this next little mind blower either. Now, this may or may not come as a complete shocker, but..., Those vaccinations you are paying for are marked up significantly and add a nice fat bottom line to their business. In an economy like this, can you afford not to have this critical information??  Be sure to sign into my Googles Friend Connect and show you care and also open your hearts and leave a donation to help feed and shelter these dogs who need your help. Help us fight against animal cruelty.


Home Remedies Lady said...

I think your point is true, both for our pets and for our selves. Today we run to the doctors office or vet for drugs and shots when there are effective home remedies that often can have healthier effects.
I think it is time to rethink this behaviour and look more to natural cures such as herbal treatments for our pets and for pet owners. Thank you for a nicely written reminder to look for naturally healthy ways to take care of our pets and ourselves.

heartgard for dogs said...

Absolutely agree. We should not always follow what the vet says. However, taking those lovely pets to the veterinary clinic annually or every 6 months is still essential. This is the simplest way to control our pets' health, well being and vitality.

Dog Forums said...

Agreed as well. Our local vets are very knowledgable and always advise on check ups.

Electric fence for dogs said...

Thanks for the article. I vaccinate my pet every year. My wife is kind of a really hygienic person.

Dog Health Vitamin said...

According to me it is necessary to undertake a proper physical examination of dog on a monthly basis.

Black Color Silicone Swimming Goggles said...

Really Nice Info Thanks For Sharing

Dog Boarding Toronto said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! We also vaccinate our two dogs every year.